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Welcome # visitor, to Hakumei.ORG; the fanlisting collective that houses Aki's owned and joined fanlistings. This collective contains fanlistings listed at TFL.Org and AFL.Com. It has been through a lot of changes, which includes jumping from one home to another—all because I may not know what I was actually doing for it. Kidding aside, it has been through some history with regards to my domains. If you are a member of one of my fanlistings, I would like to apologize for changing links a lot! I am hoping that this would be the last move, otherwise I'll just let Alucard bleed me dry. XD

!Notice: All of my fanlistings are being transferred to this domain, expect that majority of the links from the owned section aren't working yet.

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What is a Fanlisting Collective?
A fanlisting collective is a place where you organize all your fanlistings. It is basically a site that showcases all of the fanlistings a particular person owns, hosted at a particular domain or fanlistings of a particular subject.


19.12.2019 20:56
'Coz Ayami Kojima...
Yesterday, I purchased my domain—, yay! This will be my official fanlisting collective. I just finished moving my fanlistings to this domain, so I'm kind of dead tired because it literally took me the entire afternoon just by moving them. ;_; I will start sending the update forms to TAFL and TFL tomorrow before everything gets trouble-listed. Other than that, I was actually approved to run the Kimetsu no Yaiba fanlisting last October and I haven't set up the fanlisting yet! I should also include that to my to-do list for tomorrow.

01.09.2018 17:08
Summer Solstice
I've finally decided to move on to the 8th version of my layout because I kind of not feeling the previous on anymore. XD I just did this the entire day and quite satisfied with it already. I still have to fix some styles in here and I should probably be doing the K.I.M script so that potential members could already sign up for their favorite subject.

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