Go back to whence you came...

14.11.2017 19:24
New babies to fill the love...
My application for the fanlistings of Helena Bonham Carter and James Franco has been approved! *gasps* It's been a long while since the last time I've applied for a fanlisting (it was two years ago to be exact). To be honest I haven't touched my collective since then, all I did this time is to update my fanlistings (approve members) and I've lost track of the fanlistings I've joined that are now either dead or left unupdated. So I was surprised to find these awesome babies open for application, what just happened anyway?

12.11.2017 22:03
New home, new hullabaloos...
Since my domain Ethelion.NET expired, I had to put up my fanlistings to a temporary place just to avoid it getting trouble-listed. I've already purchased a new domain, which is INdisguise101.ORG but I have no plans on moving my fanlistings to that domain. So I've registered a free one, which is Edentrap.TK (and hope that it could last long) to hold my collective's name and fanlistings. I haven't finished transferring all of my fanlistings to this domain yet and I do plan to redesign some of my fanlistings' layout, so kindly please bear with me. ^_^

12.03.2012 15:49
Organizing my collective's categories...
I'm currently fixing all of my fanlisting collective's categories, putting all of my owned and joined fanlistings in one category. So, I'll try to finish fixing them all tonight and hopefull nothing idiotic would occur during the process. Good luck to me!

05.03.2012 01:16
New baby from Idea Factory...
My first game character fanlisting, Spades; the approved fanlisting for Ikki from the game Amnesia (PSP) is now up and running! ♠

02.03.2012 23:09
New version coz I gotta snap out of it...
Welcome to version 6 entitled as Strawberry Parfait featuring the peace-lover Heiwajima Shizuo from the anime/manga series DURARARA!!!. I'm still finalizing the design of this layout, so few changes may come in the near future. Am I changing layouts pretty fast? I might be, as I have already lost interest in the previous version. But! Shizuo-kun might be joining us for a long while since I really love the outcome of this design. It's pinkish yet the featured character is a shounen, oh the irony just like Shizuo. ♥

27th February 2012
New baby, wish granted~
T_T (don't worry, those are happy tears), Atonement - the fanlisting for the anime/manga series Rurouni Kenshin is finally up and running; the series that I love and grew up with. Thank you so much TAFL for granting my wish! T_T

20th February 2012
Coz nothing is permanent, I guess?
I just transferred Time Stands Still - the fanlisting for the song A Thousand Years from my second fanlisting collective to edenTRAP. Please update your links!

09.02.2012 - This would be my fourth BLEACH-related fanlisting! Too Ugly! - a fanlisting for the laugh tripping Shinigami from the 11th Division; Ayasegawa Yumichika is now up and running. Thank you so much Lili for letting me take care of the fanlisting!

03.02.2012 - My first ever Yami no Matsuei fanlisting, Forbidden Desires - a fanlisting for the relationship between Muraki Kazutaka and Asato Tsuzuki is finally up and running.

25.01.2012 - Finally, a new fanlisting! I was approved to run the Meister Silvian Kirisaki fanlisting last Saturday and now Masquerade is open. ^_^

14.01.2012 - *Phew* Alas I'm done updating the members template of all my fanlistings, changing the email and website to @ and w3. I'm also stressed because of my other host not responding to my very important mails. @_@

06.01.2012 - I've decided to bring back edenTRAP today due to the fact that I wasn't been able to purchase a domain last Christmas that... I was really planning and dying to have.

29.10.2011 - I just came to realize how many weeks have I not updated my fanlisting collective at all. My apologies. Anyhow, I'd like to bid Instinct good-bye and say hello to Memories, the newest and current version of my collective's layout; featuring Denmark, Japan, Germany, Italy, Seychelles and France from Hetalia Axis Powers. The atmosphere of version 5 is more peaceful compared to version 4. <3 Another thing that I'd like to point out is, I got the Sohma Ayame, Hatori, Shigure fanlisting that I adopted from Clo and Maddy. Lastly, the other three newly opened fanlistings that I've completely forgot to mention are the following: Roll Out! (Bleach's 5th opening / YUI), Transcend (Otogi Zoshi fanlisting that I haven't finish the skinning yet), and Unraveling (Matsuyama Kenichi). If you happen to be a fan of the mentioned fanlistings, feel free to join. Also, I'm still open for affiliates so you can still apply anytime.

03.08.2011 - Welcome to version 4: INSTINCT! This took me the entire afternoon, and I love the messy outcome. It feels like I'm outside our dearest planet Earth - GALAXY! XDDD Anyways, our new affiliate is Last Escape and it's worth a visit~ and then my K.I.M. section is now open. I finally finished writing the script manually, banzai! <3

16.07.2011 - Recently, I haven't been able to list all the current updates occured in my collective due to my hectic schedules at school. Now I only plan to list the recent changes happened. First off, we have a new affiliate! Second, new fanlistings has been approved, so I'd like to welcome my new fanlistings; Kaleido Star and Hagi (Haji).

17.05.2011 - I have two newly approved fanlistings: the relationship between Atobe Keigo & Tezuka Kunimitsu and the fanlisting for L`Arc~en~ciel's song; Umibe. Make sure to check these newly opened fanlistings!

05.05.2011 - Moving on to Version 02, Infestation Like No Other! Souten ni Zase is now online but still waiting to get listed at TAFL.Org.

25.04.2011 - Souten ni Zase, the Hyourinmaru fanlisting has been approved by TAFL.Org.

27.03.2011 - Gah! O.O I got two approval email this day and to think I'm still working for my recently approved fanlisting of Hiroki Sakurai and Mika Tahara. I am so excited! XD Now I have to finish the remaining pages needed for H&M fanlisting then the newly approved fanlistings. I have 4 weeks to finish them.

20.03.2011 - I haven't touched my collective for a few weeks because of sickness, but now it's alive. As of now, I'm already using Enthusiast again. I'm currently making my own fanlisting management script and if it's a success, I'll use it.

14.02.2011 - First of all, Happy Hearts! to everyone. I've been approved on 3 fanlistings today and 4 yesterday. Sweet!

13.02.2011 - Now then, I think it's time for me to give myself a break... *faint* I've been joining fanlistings since yesterday.

12.02.2011 - My fanlisting collective has been in major hiatus without further notice. Well, now, I guess it's time for a come back? I also transferred my collective from Virtuoso to EdenTRAP because I want my current sites to be neat and more organized.

07.12.2009 - I have an upcoming fanlisting, but my computer is broken so I can't open it yet.

07.08.2009 - Virtuoso is now officially online! *w00t*

07.06.2009 - O_O I can't believe I joined 25 fanlistings in one day. Yep, as this collective is nearing it's completion, I'm also joining the fanlistings that I can possibly think of.